Who we are

CCM Clinical Research Group is a for-profit, privately owned company located on the Mercy Hospital medical campus, in the medical office building. We are owned and operated by a group of clinicians with over 70 years of combined experience in the medical field. We put our resources together in 2014, combining our knowledge and years of experience, in order to conduct the highest quality research trials.

The following is a list of our staff:

  • Luis Veras MD - Medical Director
  • Jose Martinez RN - President
  • Issis Corripio - Administrator/Coordinator
  • Maria Gallagher RN/CRC - Director of Research and Business Development/Coordinator
  • Maidoly Martinez RN - Director of Pharmaceutical Services
  • Marisol Rodriguez CRC - Director of Operations/Coordinator

On board with us are various physicians, representing a broad range of specialties.

  • Dr. Luis Veras, Internist, with over 20 years in practice
  • Dr. Fernando Salvato, Psychiatry with over 20 years in pracice
  • Dr. Francisco Ricart, Psychiatry with over 20 years in practice
  • Dr. Ramon Iglesias, Family Practice, over 20 years in practice
  • Dr. Yamile Marles, Pediatric Medicine, 5 years in practice
  • Dr. Ernesto Torres, General, Bariatric & Vascular Surgery
  • Dr. Scott Spagnolo-Hye, Family Practice, Neuromuscular Medicine, Pain Management, Addiction Medicine
  • Dr. Alejandra Piniella, Disease and Surgery of the Eye
  • Dr. Eduardo Martinez, Vascular Endovascular Surgery
  • Dr. Maritza Rivas, Pediatrician
  • Dr. Hassan Ali, Nephrology
  • Dr. Alexander B Lurie, Endocrinology
  • Dr, Raul V Chao, Pain Management
  • Dr. Enrique Murciano, Anesthesiologist
  • Dr. Patricio Rossi, Radiologist
  • Dr.Manuel H. Frade, Orthopedic
  • Dr. Melvin Martinez-Castrillon, Cardiologist
  • Dr. Michel Perez Espinosa, Internist
  • Dr. George Varkarakis, Dermatologist